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Hi! I am Reva Carnes. I am a licensed clinical social worker who loves flowers.
I am married to my husband Todd Wells
and have a beautiful daughter, Logan Wells.

I  am a Graduate LWC and Graduate Masters at U of L Kent School for Socialwork.

Flowers was my hobby, but my hobby grew.

I have been operating the plant and
flower business in some capacity for 14 years.

I currently have 4 Greenhouses known
as Reva's Greenhouses!

 Reva's Greenhouses is a member of
the Kentucky Proud Program.
Click on the link to get more information
about Kentucky Proud and how to find other members.

We are located at a very peaceful place
in rural Jamestown Kentucky. I would
like to personally invite you to come and visit!

We are open every day
8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Bring your friends!



 We are not too hard to find.  We are located at

148 Carnes Loop in Jamestown, KY.

From the intersection of Route 127 and Route 55 you take 55 north 1/4 mile to Blankenship Road. Turn right on Blankenship Road and follow the signs.

From Columbia take Route 55 south for approximately 17 miles to Blankenship Road.
Turn left on Blankenship Road and Follow the signs.

       Come and visit! We are ready and waiting!

ky proud